Location: Franklin, TN 37069
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: RMusic / Art
Project status: Completed



Students at St Matthew School studied the electromagnetic spectrum and how the James Webb Space Telescope with observe objects in the infrared spectrum. Using information that they researched, students created simulated infrared images from visible light images so that the students could see the unseen.

Student testimonials

I really liked studying about infrared because it will move us one step closer to finding other forming planets in the universe. I would really like to learn more about infrared!
— St. Matthew School student
I learned a lot when I did this project and at the same time, I had fun! It was a mix of science, astronomy, and art, all in one!!! It is cool how you are going to send up the infrared telescope. I want to look at the pictures!
— St. Matthew School student

Educator testimonial

The James Webb Space Telescope STEM Innovation Project EXCEEDED my expectations. The students have studied the electromagnetic spectrum including visible light and infrared light. We watched the James Webb Space Telescope introduction video and then went to a website with a variety of infrared images. To complete our project we had clear plastic overlays on top of visible light images of space objects - spiral galaxy, helix nebula, Earth, Jupiter, etc. Then the students compared the IR images of the same object and used acrylic paints and markers to put the IR on the over lay. IT WAS A HIT and it really helped them see the unseen. Very cool.
— Ms. Petcu, St. Matthew School

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