Shaler Area High School

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Location: Pittsburgh, PA 15209
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Research / Communication
Project status: Completed



Students at Shaler Area High School learned about ground-based telescopes and Galileo. That lead to learning about space telescopes like the Hubble Space Telescope. The James Webb Telescope was then researched as the successor to Hubble.  Students created scale models of the mirror segments that make up the James Webb Space Telescope primary mirror. Students worked together to create a children’s book about the James Webb Space Telescope.

Student Testimonials

I liked making the children’s book because it can help kids learn about the James Webb Space Telescope. It was fun to write something for kids to learn from.
— Shaler Area High School student
The book was really fun because you got to take all of the information you learned and make the book. Making the book made you really understand the information.
— Shaler Area High School student

Educator Testimonial

I enjoyed doing this project with my students and will do it again next year.
— Shaler Area High School educator

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