Deer Creek Middle School

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Location: Edmond, OK 73025
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Engineering / Technology; Research / Communication
Project status: Completed



Students focused on specific elements of the James Webb Space Telescope.  After researching about the specific parts of the space telescope, students presented their findings to the whole class.

Student testimonials

I had no idea things like Lagrange points even existed. I like space and think it’s cool, so I’m glad they are making something in addition to Hubble that will expand our knowledge. The JWST is definitely the future of space exploration, and I look forward to watching it launch now!
— Deer Creek Middle School student
This project allowed me to research some really interesting topics and present it in a fun way to my classmates. I enjoyed sharing the info with them and learning things we wouldn’t normally cover in a science classroom.
— Deer Creek Middle School student

Educator testimonial

I was amazed at how the students took the assignment and put their own spin on it. I was worried about repeat information, but each group had different interests and therefore different things to share. They took some really complicated science concepts and broke them down into easy to explain presentations. There are so many topics with the JWST for them to explore, and this gave them the opportunity to think about creative ways of expressing their interest and sharing their new knowledge.
— Jennifer Ingram, Deer Creek Middle School

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