Haviland Middle School

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Location: Hyde Park, NY12538
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Research / Communication
Project status: Completed



Students created an ABC book related to the James Webb Space Telescope. They also wrote informative poems about the James Webb Space Telescope in honor of April’s National Poetry Month.

Student testimonials

It is so cool that the mirror is so big it is made up of 18 sections and these mirrors can be adjusted by the telescope when it’s in space.
— Haviland Middle School student
I think the most interesting thing about the JWST is how the information is transmitted between the telescope and Earth, and the level of technology they will need to use in order to do this.
— Haviland Middle School student

Educator testimonials

The students watched several short videos that I found on the James Webb Space Telescope. They also used the videos to help find facts about the JWST. The students were amazed about the size of the JWST compared to the Hubble. They enjoyed the pictures and videos.
— Ms. Eastman, Haviland Middle School
Students seemed to enjoy learning about the new telescope and were surprised at how large the JWST is in comparison to the Hubble.
— Ms. Bendyk, Haviland Middle School

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