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Location:  Baltimore, MD 21231
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Engineering / Technology
Project status: Completed



Fourth and fifth grade students learned about the engineering of the James Webb Space Telescope. Using that information they were challenged to construct deployable models of the James Webb Space Telescope out of recyclable materials.

Read the BUGS blog post about the project.

Student testimonials

It was really hard, at first, to figure out to get the telescope folded up and into the rocket but once we figured it out it was really fun!
— BUGS student
We just couldn’t figure out how to fold telescope into the rocket. But I still think that the real telescope is super-cool!
— BUGS student

Educator testimonial

The JWST Challenge was a great way to get them thinking about what JWST is and the challenges its designers and engineers are facing. During this project, the attitudes of the girls were very positive. It was awesome to see the girls, who are mostly fifth graders, really engage in the project and be successful. It was interesting to watch the boys and girls dealt with struggling to solve the problem and the solutions they devised.
— BUGS instructor

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