Paul’s Place After School Program (Project 1)

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Location: Baltimore, MD 21230
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Research / Communication
Project status: Completed



Students were asked to research JWST and space and come up with a project based on what they learned, but had to do it democratically. Students participated in several different projects including: space telescopes, solar system, dwarf planets like Pluto, Model Mirrors, and model James Webb Space Telescopes.

Student testimonials

I learned about space and made a telescope.
— Paul’s Place student
I like that we do this on our own and make our own project.
— Paul’s Place student

Educator testimonial

This project allowed the students to participate in experiential learning. The students were guided with resources, computers, websites, and graphic organizers to write notes and come up with their ideas for their project. Once the students felt they had adequate information, they decided democratically what they wanted to do.
— Christan Morley, Paul’s Place

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