Hogsett Elementary School

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Location: Danville, KY 40422
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Research / Communication
Project status: Completed



Students at Hogsett Elementary School learned about the James Webb Space Telescope and the solar system. They used technology to learn about infrared light and how it is different from the light they can see.

Student testimonials

The James Webb is going to gather infrared light. Also it’s going to discovery new things, and its’ going to launch in 2018. It has 18 mirrors that are painted gold to keep it cool. I learned a lot about space. I learned that planets have a lot of moons around them. I learned that in infrared light you see heat that is on planets, and a black hole is in the middle of our galaxy the Milky Way. I also learned that a black hole is a bunch of stars together. Stars are balls of gas.
— Hogsett Elementary School student
I think the James Webb Telescope will bring pictures of stars up close. The infrared light on Jupiter will be bright red because it is so hot. That it will see stuff on Mars that we haven’t seen. It will see comets and meteor showers too. I hope you are successful with the James Webb Telescope.
— Hogsett Elementary School student

Educator testimonial

Thank you so much for this opportunity to work on the James Webb Telescope Project. Our students this year have never had science before, and it was exciting to bring to them something I am very passionate about. My students were so engaged. They came to school early and checked out books about space. Our students come from very diverse backgrounds, and they don’t get to experience what most students do so every ounce of knowledge they got made them excited. A couple of students even said they would like to work at NASA. Some even said they wanted to be engineers. We talked about the planets, galaxies, stars, gases, and then went into depth about the Webb Telescope and how it was created. The part about the infrared light was confusing to them at first but once we took pictures with my infrared app on my phone they understood what the Webb Telescope was going to see. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work on a project with NASA in the future. Thanks again!
— Ashley Roach, Hogsett Elementary School

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