Based upon the success of the Hubble Early Release Observations Student Pilot Project, the Space Telescope Science Institute’s Office of Public Outreach has developed the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) STEM Innovation Project (SIP) — an interdisciplinary, standards-based project that focuses on the engineering aspects and potential scientific discoveries of JWST, while incorporating elements of project-based learning.  We have developed the SIP to promote enthusiasm for space exploration, introduce the education community to JWST, and engage the education community in the adventure of scientific discovery that will be revealed by the James Webb Space Telescope.  

The SIP provides an opportunity for students and educators to explore the challenges currently facing NASA researchers as they design, build, and test JWST. Students in participating schools use skills from multiple subject areas to research an aspect of the JWST’s design or potential science and create models, illustrated essays, or technology-based projects to demonstrate their learning. By structuring standards-based educational activities around the observatory’s design and potential science, students are able to work in cooperative teams as engineers and scientists do, and participate in interdisciplinary projects and design challenges that reinforce STEM skills as they solve real-world challenges.  

50 states, over 700 schools

The SIP began as a pilot in 2011. Currently, the SIP is underway in all 50 states, with over 700 schools signed on to participate.

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As part of the Webb exhibit in Austin during South by Southwest, teachers were invited to have their students explore the future of scientific research and technology with projects ranging from models to dioramas. In this video, a middle school teacher and one of her students explain how the Webb Space Telescope captured their attention and helped foster a love for science.