JWST Education Film Project

"Into the Unknown:  The James Webb Space Telescope"

– a Nathaniel Khan film

“Into the Unknown: The James Webb Space Telescope” takes viewers on a 40-minute journey of discovery, via the story of Webb and the people behind the mission. On this journey, viewers experience the revolutionary technology of the Webb telescope through the eyes of the people involved in the project – from engineers in bunny suits and clean rooms, to astrophysicists speculating about what they hope to discover. These individuals, from diverse backgrounds, serve as guides to learning about Webb’s design, construction, and anticipated discoveries.

“Into the Unknown: The James Webb Space Telescope” was produced by Crazy Boat Pictures in association with the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) and the Northrop Grumman Foundation.

Film Resource Guide

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The project includes a collection of freely available education materials produced by STScI’s Office of Public Outreach. These materials are outlined in the interactive resource guide above.

Guide Resources

Online Activity:

Telescopes from the Ground Up
Trace the history of telescope development – from Galileo’s first look at the stars to modern observatories.

Star Witness News:

The James Webb Space Telescope: A Vision for the Future
Read an overview of the Webb telescope.


The James Webb Space Telescope Lithograph
Features an artist’s illustration of the Webb telescope on the front and informational text on the back. Includes an inquiry-based activity sheet.

Hands-on Activity

Simple Paper Model of the James Webb Space Telescope

 Independent Elementary School Castro Valley, CA 94552

Activity Directions
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Cardstock Templates
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