Emmaus Lutheran School

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Location: Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Engineering / Technology
Project status: Completed



Students learned about the James Webb Space Telescope by through constructing their own space telescope models and projects. Students kept up to date on the progress of the construction of the telescope by watching the webcam feeds of the telescope.

Educator testimonial

We had a great time learning during our projects! Thanks for the resources! The kids were amazed at the magnitude of the JWST. Other students loved checking up on the cameras on the website, “Look! They did something! It moved!” It was fun to know that the telescope is currently under construction. Overall, it was a great experience because the kids are aware of the James Webb Space Telescope and will be tuned in to media in the next year to see the progress.
— Jessica LaBrash, Emmaus Lutheran School

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