Stewart Middle Magnet & Blake High Schools

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Location: Tampa, FL 33607
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Music / Art
Project status: Completed



Students created a wide variety of JWST and astronomy themed projects including an art exhibit featuring more than 50 student drawings, paintings, sculptures, mixed-media, and multi-media artwork. For the evening event, students, teachers, administration, parents, and other visitors toured the art exhibit while the students explained their pieces and inspirations. The high school theater departments presented a cosmic-themed performance of poetry, music, and dance.

Student testimonials

This was a fantastic experience which helped me understand the workings of the James Webb Space Telescope. I learned things such as how the telescope will be so far from the Earth that servicing missions will be impossible. I built a neat model of the JWST for our school’s art and technology display. This was a project that greatly expanded my knowledge of the JWST for which I am very grateful.
— Stewart / Blake School student
It was an amazing experience! I learned about the rocket that will launch the JWST so I built one out of recycled computer parts for our STEM Art and Technology Show from STEM to STEAM. I also learned about space and people’s expectations for our generation. I will remember this experience for years to come.
— Stewart / Blake School student

Educator testimonial

Awesome is the only word to describe the collaborative effort between Stewart Middle Magnet School and Blake High School for the Performing Arts in Tampa, Florida. Our STEM to STEAM James Webb Space Telescope STEM Innovation Project created an engaging integrated opportunity for our students to learn about the James Webb Space Telescope through science, technology, engineering and the arts. The student’s science and art projects were OUTSTANDING! The Space Day assembly program gave students a chance to let their “star” quality shine through music, dance, poetry and a multi-media production.
— Lynn McDaniel, Stewart / Blake School

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