Shorecrest Preparatory School

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Location: St. Petersburg, FL 33703
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Research / Communication
Project status: Completed



In this project, students researched telescopes, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the James Webb Space Telescope. Using their research the students compared the two space telescopes including the technology behind the telescopes, their position in the solar system, and the telescopes goals. Students presented their research using Keynote, Prezi, and PowerPoint.

Student testimonials

Learning about the JWST was very interesting. I learned about the differences between the HST and JWST mirrors. The information about how glass warps in cold temperatures, as opposed to Beryllium was really neat.
— Shorecrest Preparatory School student
I think one of the most interesting facts about the JWST is how infrared waves will reveal images that are hidden to visible light by layers of dust. This way objects will be seen which can’t be seen now.
— Shorecrest Preparatory School student

Educator testimonial

I think the students got a lot of information from their research. This makes them all continue to wonder about cosmic mysteries. Long term, it gives them some working knowledge as to how research is done. They come to learn how many different ways you can study the same subject. They begin to understand the complexities of putting together a space mission. Finally I feel it creates an atmosphere where they want to continue to ask questions.
— Anthony Napodano, Shorecrest Preparatory School

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