Searles Elementary School

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Location:  Union City, CA 94587
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Research / Communication
Project status: Completed



Students at Searles Elementary School researched the James Webb Space Telescope. Then they collected recyclable materials to use in the construction of their own JWST models.

Student testimonials

We learned that it takes teamwork and determination to build this James Web Telescope. It was hard at first, but we powered through it, and we had encouragement from our teammates. Our confidence made our project look good.
— Searles Elementary School student
We learned three things:
• to take your time on a structure instead of rushing
• it is really hard to make just one telescope
• if you work as a team, anything is possible

We enjoyed working together. It matches what scientists do because every component must be in place.
— Searles Elementary School student

Educator testimonial

I challenged my 5th graders to connect our daily focus of recycling and developing a “green lifestyle” to build a James Webb model using recycled materials. They worked as individuals or teams to plan and construct their models. Students learned that constructing a telescope successfully requires trial and error. They felt a kinship with the James Webb engineers and scientists who must design and redesign until the telescope is perfect.

They are looking forward to the coming years and the eventual launch of the James Webb and the amazing discoveries yet to be revealed.
— Annette Iwamoto, Searles Elementary School

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