Morgan Kincaid Preparatory School of Integrated Studies (Project 1)

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Location:  Victorville, CA 92392
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Research / Communication
Project status: Completed



Sixth grade students researched the James Webb Space Telescope and the engineering behind designing the telescope. The students then decided to recycle their lunch packaging materials to use as resources for their own telescope models. These models show the diversity of ideas using the same materials.

Educator testimonials

I loved the project because it allowed the students to use their creative side while they were learning. It’s not often we get to do projects.

The students loved the project for the same reason. They loved being able to use their creative sides to create the telescopes. They were proud of the fact that they made models using lunch trays, straws, wooden spools, and glue.
— Alicia Tuttle, Morgan Kincaid Preparatory School
The students thought it was the most fun thing that we did this year. They really enjoyed drawing/coloring the picture of my dog Reighna to look like an infrared picture. It was really exciting for them to watch the video and then create something on such a large scale.
— Ms. Brail, Harold H. George Magnet School

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