Independent Elementary School

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Location:  Castro Valley, CA 94552
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Language Arts
Project status: Completed



Students read information and learned about the JWST. They made their own parchment paper, and wrote text about their findings in two different genres.

Student testimonials

I have been to your website, and I found out many things about the new telescope. I was surprised to learn you can see infrared light. I hope you can find out about our universe.
— Independent Elementary School student
When you get launched into space can you take a picture of the Butterfly Nebula? Then I can take that picture and compare the quality to the Hubble. I want to see if you can detect some new planets like Earth so people can live there. (Pretty much a new “goldilocks” planet). I also want to see you launch at NASA in 2018.
— Independent Elementary School student
I learned you can see through dust clouds, so I hope you can find many exotic things. I thought it was cool how the sunshield is the size of a tennis court. I also think it was cool how the mirrors are covered with a thin layer of gold. I hope the 2018 launch will find out more about our universe.
— Independent Elementary School student

Educator testimonial

This is the second year that we have participated in this project. Students were especially engaged, curious, and motivated to learn more about the WEBB telescope. While many have learned about astronomy and space science in the past, they had not learned HOW scientists get their data; nor carefully considered the question, “What else might we find?” Working in small groups, the students explored the various websites related to the space telescope, took notes, and shared data and questions with one another. They created hand-decorated marbled paper to match the ‘space’ theme, and were able to write to/about the project in two different genres. This was a fantastic way to integrate technology, writing, art, and science. Many thanks!
— Linda Block, Independent Elementary School

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