George W. Simmonds Elementary School

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Location: San Jose, CA 95120
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Research / Communication
Project status: Completed



Fifth grade students learned about the James Webb Space Telescope and the science goals of the telescope.  Using their new knowledge the students built models and created presentations that they shared with their community.

Student testimonial

I have had so much fun on this project. It was super cool to learn about the JWST and other telescopes. I learned so many new things about the telescope and how it is going to be built. I also learned why they are making this telescope. The JWST is going to be a great success and we learn a lot more about space than mankind already knew. It was super fun and I hope we could do a project like this again.
— Simmonds Elementary School student

Educator testimonial

Thank you so much for this opportunity to work with you. My students and I have really enjoyed this project, and eagerly await the launch of JWST in 2018. The Simonds community is also really excited about this project. Parents and other community members have been dropping by to learn more about our projects. If there is an opportunity, we would love to do this again in our school next year!
— Simmonds Elementary School teacher

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