Harold H. George Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School (Project 1)

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Location:  Adelanto, CA 92301
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Research / Communication
Project status: Completed



Students of varying ages participated in the James Webb STEM Innovation Project. Fifth graders used science, math, language arts and art to build models of the James Webb Space Telescope. First graders learned about infrared light and used their learning to make infrared drawings of a dog.

Educator testimonials

The students at George School enjoyed doing their JWST projects. They had an opportunity to research on the Internet, to write, create models, draw pictures, and give oral reports on what they learned. Parents were excited to help their children with their projects and came to the school to secure more information. As an educator, I was impressed in the enthusiasm the kids displayed in their presentations. I was glad we had the opportunity to learn more about this new technology.
— Mr. Steenerson, Harold George Magnet School
The students thought it was the most fun thing that we did this year. They really enjoyed drawing/coloring the picture of my dog Reighna to look like an infrared picture. It was really exciting for them to watch the video and then create something on such a large scale.
— Ms. Brail, Harold George Magnet School

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