Eagle Ranch Elementary School

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Location:  Victorville, California 92392
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Engineering / Technology
Project status: Completed



Students used research and mathematics to understand the capabilities of the James Webb Space Telescope. Students used their knowledge to build their own models of the JWST.

Student testimonials

I thought doing the project was pretty fun. Sometimes when we were building our model, I wondered how hard it might be to build the real James Webb. I am looking forward to building more telescope projects.
— Eagle Ranch Elementary School student
I thought the project was fun, exciting, and educational. It was fun to do it because we built the telescope with all our friends. The project was educational because we learned more about the James Webb Telescope, how it is being built, and how it works.
— Eagle Ranch Elementary School student

Educator testimonial

Pondering the heavens, opens a universe of inspiration. If we are to bequeath new, rapidly emerging technology to succeeding generations; it is imperative that they develop the relevant prerequisite skills at a young age. Thus, our children need outstanding teachers and access to experts and liaisons of various fields.
— Richard Greer, Eagle Ranch Elementary School

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