Adelanto Elementary School

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Location:  Adelanto, CA 92301
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Research / Communication
Project status: Completed



Students researched about how the James Webb Space Telescope would use infrared light to observe the cosmos by looking through gas and dust. The students then constructed space telescopes out of food.

Student testimonial

Afterwards I talked to the TK/K students and they said it was fun and cool that they got to look through the telescope. They remembered that the telescope sees the hot rays. They real enjoyed your presentation about the James Webb telescope and you did a great job making the presentation grade appropriate for them.
— Adelanto Elementary School student

Educator testimonial

Thank you so much for visiting my two schools in Adelanto. The students were not very knowledgeable about the purpose of the James Webb Space Telescope and how it operates. Your lesson generates a deep understanding of the telescope in such a way that learning comes alive. It was a fun learning experience for all, and I highly recommend your program to other schools in our area.
— Adelanto Elementary School educator

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