Bryant Middle School

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Location:  Bryant, AR 72022
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Engineering / Technology
Project status: Completed



At Bryant Middle School, students worked in cooperative teams as engineers and scientists do, and participated in interdisciplinary projects and design challenges.

Engineering teams

Science teams

Student testimonial

I like this project because we get to be creative and model an actual product. Our project in particular is neat because we get to actually use our AutoCAD program to design the telescope like the professionals.
— Bryant Middle School student

Educator testimonial

I was eager to participate in the project to see what my students were capable of doing when specific parameters were in place incorporating a real-life project. The students exceeded my expectations and created projects far beyond eighth-grade capabilities...I am definitely pleased with the information provided and with the outcome of the projects.
— Mr. Jason Price, Bryant Middle School

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