Bridgeport Elementary School

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Location:  Bridgeport, AL 35740
Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
Project type: Research / Communication
Project status: Completed



Bridgeport Elementary students researched the history of astronomy observations from the earliest observations to the James Webb Space Telescope.  The students then worked with aerospace professionals to research James Webb Space Telescope and build a final model of the James Webb Space Telescope.

Student testimonials

The JWST is filled with sophisticated instruments. I learned more facts than ever. I learned that we are crowded by galaxies. The JWST will be about 900,000 miles away from Earth.
— Bridgeport Elementary School student
The JWST will be more sophisticated than the Hubble. It will use infrared light. It will be the most powerful and complex telescope ever made. The Webb has four main themes: search for the earliest stars and galaxies, map the evolution of galaxies, study the formation of stars and planets in the universe today, and search for the potential for life in the universe.
— Bridgeport Elementary School student

Educator testimonial

Our fourth graders LOVED working on the James Webb Space Telescope project! They were enthusiastic and learned how to use teamwork to the best of its advantages. They collaborated on three different projects and had a schedule and a deadline and were successful at accomplishing everything they set out to achieve. Their favorite activity was watching the final presentation and the ice cream sundae party they had afterward!
— Teacher, Bridgeport Elementary School

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